USA - Rev. Philippe Shock Matthews, B.Msc.

LIVE Sunday 7th June 2020 - Information To Follow

Webinar will be streamed live on uk radio

The Philippe Shock Matthews Show

This is a show not to be missed! 

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  • Minister of Metaphysical Science and Philosophy and the Founding Minister of 1st Frequency of  Oneness, Science, Manifestation and Prosperity.
  • The word SHOCK stands for Seeking Higher Omnipotent Conscious or Cosmic Knowledge.
  • Affectionately named by the community as “The Metaphysical Morpheus”.
  • A social entrepreneur and a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry 
  • Host of the Philippe Matthews Show; dedicated to featuring content on the subjects of:
  • Disruptive Economics, Digital Wealth Creation, Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, Anti-Racism, Historical/Intergenerational Trauma, African American Mental Illness, Genetic Memory (Epigenetics), Axiology, Kemetic Science,
    Metaphysics, Racial Socialization and Healing Racialized Poverty.
  • Authored more than 17 Amazon books and seven bestsellers
  • Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene says,
  • Philippe is the Marcus Garvey of our time” by Hidden Colors 1-5 star
  • Mark Victor Hansen says, and co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen calls Philippe, the
  • ​“Oprah of Internet”!